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Today I am going through my old blog posts, converting many of them from my old platform, iGroups, to this one, WordPress.  I am deleting most of them, as the links are now bad and the content is no longer relevant.  I found this one from December 5, 2011, and had to share:

I am very excited today.  My sons football team won a youth football championship this weekend.  It was a long, COLD, weekend!  The boys played extremely hard, and won all four games!  They only had one on Saturday, and THREE on Sunday in 40 degree rain.  They scored 98 points, and allowed 0.  It was a complete team effort, with no “shining star”.  That is the way we coach.

My son, Alex, got upset during one game.  He felt like he wasn’t getting to run the ball enough.  He was blocking more in that game, because there was a great middle linebacker that no one else could block.  His frustration is a lot like that which we all face in our lives, and careers.  Sometimes we want to measure the glory and attention, but don’t want to do the hard work.

Alex and I talked about doing the hard work, and making the carries count, instead of counting the carries.  This lesson helped me too.  As a real estate investor, I love to deposit the profit checks, but sometimes get tired of the grind of making offers, advertising, and managing property.  You see, to me, this is the blocking!  Alex came around after a good father son chat, and finished the game hard.  His chance came in the championship game, and he had an 80 yard breakaway run.

Keep doing the hard work (blocking), because that is the only way you’ll ever get to score!  I believe the market is ripe with opportunity right now, but don’t be lazy.  This type of market can make you stop doing the hard work.  Stay focused, and work hard at what you are good at.


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I started at the bottom, worked hard and am now one of the top Real Estate Investors in the business. I learned from some of the best, excelling early as an acquisitions manager and then moved on to partner with other skilled investors to create my own portfolio of productive rental properties and later to mentor others to do the same. I am still actively involved in Real Estate, giving a current awareness to the training I share. My wife, Jennifer, and I live in Rockwall with our sons, Alex and Will.

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  1. It is a really good message! Love it.

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