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I love to buy houses!  That’s really me in a nutshell.  I use this blog to share my experiences.  I will share my travels, successes and failures.  I don’t believe in hype or fluff.  I have made money in real estate, and I have lost it.  I have been on cloud nine, and flat on my back.  I hope to share with you what I have learned, and where I am going now.

I am a very social person.  Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Here is everything else about me:

Who am I? I am a simple man from Texas that has been successful in little bitty houses in Dallas, and boardrooms in Manhattan.  The smallest deal I’ve ever done was a $3,000 house in Dallas – but I’ve been a part of a $230,000,000 transaction.

I am the Founder & CEO of the 2020 REI Group, a collection of entrepreneurial real estate investment companies specializing in brokerage, acquisition, consulting, disposition, private equity, nationwide financing, and advisory services. I have always tried to be on the leading edge of the real estate investor space for over a decade, founding the REI Expo and previously serving as Managing Director for Blackstone’s B2R Finance and Franchisee & Development Agent for HomeVestors® of America. I have acquired more than 1,400 single-family investment properties and completed more than $1 billion in real estate transactions, predominately in the North Texas area.

In addition to being a seasoned entrepreneur, I am extremely passionate about creating and spreading opportunities for others to succeed in real estate investing by providing innovative financing offerings, quality education programs, and reliable structured investments. Through our private equity and fund management firm, Elevate Private Capital, my team and I source and invest in strategic real estate assets, with the current fund focusing on providing investors with exceptional opportunities to benefit from the rapidly growing Dallas/Fort Worth residential real estate market. In 2015, we established Investable Realty to provide investors of all sizes with specialized brokerage and investment property finding services. Through DFW Investors, we host resource-rich events for the local Dallas / Fort Worth investor community, providing guidance and support for investors in all stages of the investment life-cycle.

I have been extremely blessed to have a fantastic team, and great partners.


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