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Rockwall County Real Estate Investors Meetup

Siren Rock Brewing Company 310 S Goliad St, Rockwall

Every month, I gather with my friends and colleagues at the Siren Rock Brewery to discuss local events, and real estate trends in the area.  There are not speakers or sponsors.  Just local investors hanging out for a couple of hours.  


REI Family Reunion

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay 2900 Bayport Dr, Tampa

If you are a real estate service provider, expert, or are committed to being influential in the space, I could not recommend Matt Andrews and the Family Mastermind enough. The Top Influencers In Real Estate Investing  Will All Be In The Room! IN-PERSON GUESTS Matt Andrews, Robert Allen, Ron Legrand, Steve Trang,  Rotty Garcilazo, Dolf […]

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