Email, phone call, or text?

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In this day and age it is amazing all of the ways you can communicate with friends, family, colleagues, vendors, and clients.  Which method is best for which situation?  Nowadays, I negotiate contracts via text with some REALTORS, and others don't even receive texts.  I actually had a lender last week tell me to “Facebook” him!

It is amazing how many people will not pick up the phone and call someone anymore.  I will tell you this, it is very important to consider etiquette when choosing which medium to use.  One thing to consider is how did that person contact you?  I try to never return a phone call with an email.  I think it is rude.  If I do, I always make sure I apologize, and explain why I was not able to call.  It is amazing how many people will not answer a phone call, and then send you an email ten minutes later.

Try to think about the person you are communicating with, and what their perception will be of the way you do, or do not communicate.  Last week, when a REALTOR was dodging my calls, and sending me emails, I called her out about it.  The crazy thing is, I left her a voicemail that I didn't want her to return phone calls via email, and then she sent me an email telling me why she wasn't answering.  She said she was just really busy. 

The point is, that conveys a silent message.  I tells the person, “I don't have time for you”.  I ended up not agreeing to her buyers demands, and it was crazy, the buyer called me, and we worked it out between us (ON THE PHONE).  I then called his REALTOR to tell her the terms (had to leave a message), and she EMAILED me to let me know she would talk to her clients.  It was absolutely comical!

The way I see it, it is now more important than ever to choose carefully how you communicate with someone, but also to pay attention to how others are communicating with you.  Just because you prefer to email, text, or Facebook, someone else might put more importance on a phone call.  Jennifer and I were actually talking the other day that it seems as if a phone call is now considered a very personal approach.  I had someone tell me the other day, “Thank you for calling me, I really appreciate you taking the time!”

One more thing, if you really want to blow someone away, write them a handwritten note, and MAIL it to them.  They'll just fall over!


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