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As many of you know, I am now a Managing Director at B2R Finance – America’s Buy to Rent Lender. Helping start B2R has given me the opportunity to bring dependable, consistent, and reliable products (financing and more) to our community. We have needed these products for far too long. At B2R, we are focused on you. This company will change the way we all invest in real estate. It will allow us to build rental portfolios, and invest in our own futures. The goal? B2R Finance will be your trusted partner in your residential real estate investing business.

To do this, I have had to place my other companies in the hands of trusted partners. These partners are people I have known and trusted for years. While I am still an owner in these companies, I am no longer directing the day-to-day operations. I am focused on the culture and direction of the companies, and you have my commitment that we will maintain the standard of excellence you have come to expect from me.

I have sold a Continue Reading…