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Below you can find all of my blog posts and videos about being a real estate investor.  After 14 years of investing, I have bought over 1,500 houses.  I’ve completed more than one billion dollars in real estate investment transactions. I am still a very active real estate investor, and am also a national real estate investing speaker and consultant.  Please comment, and ask me questions.  As an active real estate investor, I buy houses, sell houses, and share those experiences.  I also travel and host many real estate investing events.  Use my blog to communicate with me, learn, and meet up with me across the US.

My posts are categorized below.  Take a minute to learn what I do, and see what I have to share.  I write from my point of view.  I try to avoid hype and fluff.  You are never going to read about me making “$50,000 in a day”, or any of that other tired old guru propaganda.  Even if it did happen, it definitely is not the norm.  I believe in setting realistic goals, based off of educated expectations.  Only then can an investor map out his/her journey to financial freedom through real estate investing.

Thanks for stopping by.  If you think I am wrong, tell me; and tell me why.  If you think I am right, let me know.  Share this content with the world.  I write all of my content, and make my own comments.

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