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I enjoy working with investors, new and experienced.  As a real estate mentor, I am proud to offer help and guidance to real estate investors.  I offer several home study courses, and live events.  For those wanting to be directly mentored by me, I only work with HomeVestors Franchisees.  This is because you have to be willing to commit in this business.  My franchisees attend a week of training in Dallas, and are personally mentored by me.  I give complete access to me (my personal cell phone) and eleven years of forms, checklists, and contacts.  I manage offices from coast to coast.  I partner with other HomeVestors Development Agents in your local market, and guide them through the support you need.  If you would like to talk to me about joining my team, please click here to contact me.  Otherwise, if you would like access to my other training and events, please join my email list to your right, or register for an event.


HomeVestors offers two types of real estate franchise opportunities for people interested in building a business based on our real estate business franchise model. Our independently owned real estate franchise opportunities give our franchisees the power to independently operate their very own business.

Our unique real estate business franchise includes a revolutionary software system that our franchisees use to assess homes for purchase and renovation. It also includes mass advertising through attention-getting billboard campaigns that achieve universal market awareness for our real estate business franchise owners quickly. We also have a direct selling program that enhances our real estate franchise opportunities by helping franchisees identify home buyers and investors who already have an interest in specific neighborhoods.

With tireless support from HomeVestors and our local development agent mentors, our HomeVestors real estate business franchise owners build house portfolios by purchasing investment grade properties at discount cash prices. Our franchisees focus on creating positive equity and cash flow within their home portfolios by either selling rehabbed properties or holding them as rental homes.

HomeVestors is one of the rare real estate franchise opportunities out there with a business model and support system that really works. Check out our HomeVestors franchisees testimonials to get the proof for yourself.

  1. Full Franchise – Our Full real estate business franchise is for the person interested in developing a complete real estate business. The franchise fee of $50,000 earns the Full franchise owner lower ongoing fees. Full franchisees typically open an actual office location and have a staff that supports and grows their business.
  2. Associate Franchise – Our Associate real estate business franchise is for the person interested in developing a part-time real estate business. The franchise fee of $15,000 earns the Associate franchise owner marketing rights in their territory. Associate Franchisees typically work the business part-time out of their home, until it grows to become a full-time job where they will then move into a Full Franchise.

Real Estate Franchise Opportunities

HomeVestors of America, also known as We Buy Ugly Houses, offers a number of real estate franchise opportunities. Some people are interested in our business model because they want to buy investment properties. Other people want to take their real estate investing dreams further by becoming either an Associate real estate business franchise owner or even a Full HomeVestors of America franchise owner.

It does not matter what your goal is as far as the HomeVestors real estate business franchise at this point. We are just happy you are here to learn more and that you want to get into the real estate franchise business because it is an excellent way to build wealth and enjoy a life helping people and doing something you love.

HomeVestors Real Estate Business Franchise


There are so many great deals out there that it’s common for our franchisees to buy more ugly houses than they have the ability to renovate and sell. This creates an outstanding opportunity for real estate investors looking to purchase excess properties from HomeVestors franchisees. Our real estate business franchisees work with investors in a number of ways.

Some investors just want to build a portfolio of rental homes. By letting HomeVestors franchisees know the types of properties you are looking for, we can help you locate properties that suit your needs, such as “full rehab homes” or just simple “paint and flooring replacement homes.” Even if you are looking for a finished property (with or without a tenant), HomeVestors franchisees can help.

Real Estate Franchises – Start a Real Estate Business

Find out how you can start a real estate business with one of our real estate franchise opportunities!

HomeVestors of America, commonly known as We Buy Ugly Houses, is the number one home buyer in America. Since beginning its real estate business franchise in 1996, the We Buy Ugly Houses / HomeVestors franchise owners have purchased over 45,000 houses throughout the U.S. HomeVestors franchise owners pay cash for ugly homes whose owners are in difficult situations.

Our franchisees renovate houses and then sell or lease them. This process improves neighborhoods and offers great opportunities for first time buyers, renters and real estate investors. With approximately 300 franchisees independently operating in 33 states, We Buy Ugly Houses / HomeVestors commits itself to enforcing high ethical standards and strict systems that result in responsible business practices.

We are proud of the service we provide that helps homeowners and people who would like to start their own profitable real estate franchise business. Read some of our franchisee success stories.

Our HomeVestors Franchise Model

HomeVestors offers a low-cost franchise opportunity for investors interested in building a real estate business. Our unique model includes proprietary software that our franchisees use to assess homes for purchase and renovation. It also includes mass advertising billboard campaigns that achieve quick market awareness and direct selling programs that help franchisees identify and locate buyers and investors interested in specific neighborhoods.

With ongoing support from HomeVestors and our development agent mentors, people looking for business franchise opportunities can build wealth by purchasing houses at discount prices. Our franchisees either renovate and sell or renovate and rent properties they buy, which generates a positive cash flow and equity.

We Buy Ugly Houses / HomeVestors franchisees must complete our intensive training program. It incorporates all of our systems for buying homes as well as good business standards. Our franchisees learn how to deal with homeowners who may be in an ugly situation, how to explain our home buying process, and how to carry out as-is all cash buyout deals that create a profit for franchisees while helping a homeowner get out of an ugly house. Our franchisees learn all they need to know to successfully operate a real estate franchise.

Honors and Awards

  • Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked HomeVestors of America on their “Franchise 500” list for five consecutive years. We have also been ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Franchises” for four consecutive years.
  • The SMU Cox School of Business has placed We Buy Ugly Houses / HomeVestors on the “Dallas 100” list of fastest growing companies for four consecutive years. We are honored to be the only home buying franchise featured on any of these lists.
  • The Franchise Business Review also named HomeVestors on its prestigious “Top 50 Franchises” list in 2012 for the seventh consecutive year.
  • Opportunity World distinguishes HomeVestors as a well-recognized national brand with a proven training program to help its independently owned and operated franchises succeed in the investment real estate business. Honored as one of the “Hottest 125 Franchises of 2012,” Opportunity World based its criteria on key aspects of franchising such as financial stability, company history, client satisfaction and attitude of current franchise owners.

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