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Our affiliate partners are of the utmost importance. We appreciate your feedback and strive to provide the easiest and most effective tools and support to help you make the most of your marketing efforts.

If you require any assistance or would like to make a suggestion, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions are our best answer to the most common questions our affiliates have sent us. Please help us improve by sending your questions/comments/concerns
Media, is where you’ll find current banners, video links and other material as current needs are met.
Sales & Tracking will help you learn to use our InfusionSoft tracking system. You can find your personalized marketing links, ledger, tracking stats and more here.

Current Opportunities:

REI Expo

  • Admission tickets pay 50% to the first seller and another 10% to their upline, if the seller was referred by another affiliate partner.
  • Sponsor referrals pay 25%. If you have a contact who you feel could benefit from a booth, you can earn big with just a quick phone call.

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